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Curb Appeal Tips

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Every real estate agent knows that one of the most important factors of selling your home is making sure it has 'curb appeal'. Summer is a great time to think about creating curb appeal, here are some helpful tips:

Tip #1

Spruce up your address

Create an elegant way to display the street address. A simple repaint or addition of flowers to a mailbox or address post can really spice up the entrance.

Tip #2

Create colorful flowerbeds around trees.

Create a vibrant pop of color in your front yard making a flower bed at the base of trees and planting vividly-colored flowers and plants. Gardening is a great way to spend a sunny day.

Tip #3

Transform Your Front Door

It’s incredible what a little molding and paint can do for a front door. Not to mention, this project can be completed in just a few hours.

Tip #4

Add a window box underneath a large window for a pop of color.

Use window box planters to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. Inexpensive way to make the perfect patio pop.

TIP #5

Mulch Heavily

You know that flower or shrub bed sitting in the front of your home? You might not be able to force it to bloom, but you can still amplify its aesthetics by heavily mulching it at the start of each growing season.Organic mulches that are colored with vegetable dyes, like red cedar bark, are a double-edged sword. They create the biggest ‘wow’ factor, but the color can also fade quickly, especially if you live in an area with plenty of sunlight and rain. Once this mulch fades in color, it loses its charm, causing you to add more. The solution? It depends on your budget. If you can re-mulch every year, feel free to indulge in the nicer varieties. If you’re really on a shoestring, opt for something more durable, like pine straw or wood chips, or even entertain the notion of landscaping with small gravel.

Tip #6

Fall Clean-Up is Worth the Investment

You Will Have Visitors – And not just a line of trick-or-treaters!

The holidays are approaching. Family, friends and potential buyers will be stopping by whether it’s expected or not, and the appearance of your home is one of the first things your loved ones will notice. We all have a long to-do list as the colder months roll around, but we can’t forget about yard work and maintenance. A fall clean-up is beneficial, not only to the health of your lawn, plants, and landscape, but a proper clean-up will also provide you with a sense of pride. After all, entertaining guests is almost inevitable during the holiday months, and even passer-bys cannot help but to look at how other families have decorated.

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