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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


Winter is tough on roofs and chimneys. It can also take its toll on windows, walls, foundations, gutters and decks.

Roof. You don’t need to climb up there yourself; with binoculars and a keen eye, you can probably spot trouble. Do you see any shingle-shift, suggesting that some fasteners may have failed and need replacing? Any cracked or missing shingles? What about nail-pops? All will need to be addressed to keep your roof at peak performance.

Exterior Walls. Whether you have wood siding, stucco or brick, look for trouble spots, especially under eaves and near gutter downspouts. Water stains normally indicate that your gutters are not adequately containing roof runoff. If you have wood siding, check for openings, damaged areas or knots that have popped out, making way for carpenter ants, woodpeckers and other critters that may nest in or burrow through.

Basements. Look for Moisture in Basement and Crawl Space When you do get a good rain, look for leaks in your crawl space or basement that could turn into costly repairs. Also check regularly under bathrooms , the kitchen and laundry room to ensure pipes are intact.  

Remove Trees and Shrubs from Around House. Speaking of gutters, trees and shrubs too close to your home can brush up against them and cause damage during a windstorm. Foliage also can damage siding and creates access for an insect infestation. Trim foliage that brushes up your home to help prevent all of this.

Inspect Wood Decks, Railings, Windowsills and Steps.

Check the wood around your home for rot that took hold during the winter months. If boards become soft or splinter, they create an unsafe situation for you and your family. Replace whenever necessary.

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